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Final Report on 15th Polyurethanex 2024 Exhibition

Exhibition Organiser:

Mir-Expo Exhibition Company

At the same time, an exhibition
will be held in pavilions 1 and 5
of the Expocentre Fairgrounds:

 17th Composite-Expo 2025 Exhibition

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Exhibitors Reviews of the Polyurethanex Exhibition


Polyurethanex 2024 Exhibitor reviews:


arr or  Maria Kibler, Engineer, Head of International Projects
PURPLAN International

«The following products aroused the greatest interest among visitors at our stand: reactors and reactor lines for the synthesis of prepolymers, synthetic resins and other chemical processes, production lines with automation, dosing stations, mixers, storage tanks, pumping stations and planetary dissolvers. We thank all the partners who visited our stand for successful negotiations and willingness to cooperate. We would like to also thank the organizers of the exhibition - the exhibition was a success for us and we will be glad to continue cooperation with our partners, as well as develop new contacts».

Polyurethanex 2023 Exhibitor reviews:


arr or  Larin Roman Alexandrovich, Head of the Polyurethane and Composites direction,

Europroject LLC, Russia 


«We were pleasantly surprised by the number of participants and the number of people who are currently interested in the development of the production of polyurethane parts and products made of composite materials. We were exhibiting at Polyurethanex 2023 for the first time, we have visited it several times before. We have introduced new products for the Russian market that have not been used before. In today's realities, it turned out to be very popular. We consider the exhibition a very convenient platform for meetings and exchange of experience of interested specialists. Now it is important to exchange, to create a partnership. By the way, we have already acquired unexpected partnerships for ourselves thanks to the exhibition. We hope for the development of new relations. It is worth noting that we saw the interest of visitors. Companies are ready to consider new products, have become more open to testing and selecting alternative products, and are ready to change established technical processes. Thank you for the opportunity to exhibit our products, which we produce, but also for the opportunity of new meetings, contacts and signing contracts.».


Polyurethanex 2022 Exhibitor reviews:


arr or  Fyodor Belyanin,
General Director of DEPSOL POLYMERS LLC, Moscow

"The Polyurethanex exhibition is the main event of the industry, bringing together specialists and representatives of companies from Russia and CIS countries. In the conditions of increasing sanctions and disruptions in supplies from Europe, our company has demonstrated itself as a reliable partner and offered customers a full range of polyurethane components from Southeast Asian countries, well-established logistics, supply, and service to enterprises, which aroused great interest among customers and allowed us to establish many new business contacts. In the future, we plan to continue exhibiting at the Polyurethanex and offer innovative materials and technologies to our customers."


arr or  M.V. Penyagin,
Head of the Technical Department of Electronics and Automation, Selesta NPF LLC, Nizhny Novgorod

"The company Celesta NPF is taking part in the exhibition Polyurethanex for the fourth time. Our visitors were interested in the technologies for manufacturing products from polyurethane foams, polyurethanes and polydicyclopentadiene, which were presented at our stand. Great interest was aroused by the high-pressure filling machine, also presented at our stand. Due to the fact that the software is a Russian development, this has a great advantage in the further maintenance of the equipment. Thanks to the exhibition, we have concluded more than 10 preliminary agreements for the manufacture of polyurethane processing equipment. We gained excellent experience in communicating with colleagues, discussed common problems with our competitors and agreed to cooperate with them. There are many ideas about improving and optimizing the production lines for our products. Summing up, I would like to say a huge thank you to the organizers of the exhibition."


arr or  Alexander Maximov,
Technical Director, Polymer-Komplex, PC, Moscow

“Polymer-Komplex Company produces high-pressure filling machines for processing all types of polyurethane foam. Every year participates in the Polyurethanex exhibition. This time we were visited by many old customers, because the market is quite narrow, but also by many new enterprises who would like to expand and manufacture various polyurethane foam products themselves, which, of course, pleases. We will definitely exhibit at the next year edition of the Polyurethanex exhibition. Thank you!"


arr or  Kristina Nazarova,
Senior Sales Manager, Avis Chemical, Balashikha, Moscow Region

“We are engaged in the chemical raw materials supplying and this year we are exhibiting at the Polyurethanex exhibition for the first time. This platform gives great opportunities to see our old customers, as well as to get acquainted with promising partners. We are really grateful to this exhibition for this chance. My colleagues and I highly appreciated the level of exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition. Thanks to this, we have signed several contracts and acquired a large number of new contacts."

Polyurethanex 2021 Exhibitor reviews:


arr or  Yulia Bogdanova,
Manager, DIAFOR LLC, Russia

"Polyurethanex 2021 has shown that the industry in Russia is working, increasing the pace of production, the introduction of new products and technologies is interesting, there is an active interest in the supplying of specialized product"

arr or  Lavrut Anastasia,
Specialist of LLC Elastokam

"Despite the external difficulties, the organization was at a high level, the number of exhibitors and visitors was above expectations".

arr or  Konstantin Akimov,
Head of Polyurethane Department, Ruskhimset CJSC, Russia

"According to the results of the exhibition, we can definitely say that it was a success. We expanded the list of clients; preliminary deals, production volumes, as well as prices were agreed at the exhibition, and of course the introduction of new positions. We have held a number of meetings with long-term prospects; this is a big step towards the development and expansion of the customer database. The visitors pleased me the most, people really could receive the solutions that they came to the exhibition for. We are ready to safely put an EXCELLENT rating! The organizational part of the exhibition was also on top".

arr or  Pavel Amelchenko,
Head of Functional Additives Dep., Huntsman-NMG JSC, Russia, Moscow

“I would like to thank you for such a wonderful exhibition – traditionally Polyurethanex and Composite-Expo are together, well done! Great job! First of all, I would like to mention good security provided by the organizers of the exhibition, the location-Krasnaya Presnya, thank you very much, in the center of the city – is very convenient. Safety, check-ups, masks, distance reminders are really important this year. Thank you for deciding on such a massive event, useful for business and it is important to make it the safest for people. I would also like to thank you for organizing an "easy entrance" to the exhibition, you do not need to fill out a lot of questionnaires, you do not need to hand over business cards, you came, showed a ticket with a barcode and immediately entered. The distance between the metro and the entrance to the exhibition took me about 5 minutes – this is a great walk without complicated procedures, of course, personal inspection, but everything is very fast and well organized. It is important. Specifically about the event: the event turned out to be a lamp event, that is, big players are presented here such as Huntsman, BASF, DOW – all major manufacturers are here. Companies engaged in polyurethane composite materials -Tatneft-Presskomposite, Epital - are also here. A huge number of guests, and even guests from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, also visited the exhibition. It's very nice. We met partners we hadn't seen more than two years for a number of reasons. Nobody, in general, forgot about the event, it is necessary to pay tribute to them, this is important. What I would like to note is what is happening in the market: there is not enough raw materials for a number of reasons, there is an imbalance of supply and demand, raw materials are not enough all over the world-from Houston to Shanghai, including Russia and Europe, but the players continue to build new enterprises: in St. Petersburg, another system house will open production line for 15 thousand tons of polyurethane systems per year -welcome to Russia! If I'm not mistaken, this will be a Korean system house. In Russia, the production of wind turbine blades for wind power has been launched. Approximately 440 blades per year will be produced in Ulyanovsk, and the company will also open in Volgodonsk. They are not here yet, but they must be here, because this is something that has never happened in Russia. It never happened, it didn't happen 15 years ago, 5 years ago, but it is here now. We will be happy to see such new players, because Huntsman holds an important position in the world for wind power blades. What else I would like to note is what is happening in the polyurethane market: if 5-7 years ago low-emission products for polyurethane for safer mattresses, safer seats sounded like nonsense as something expensive coming to us from abroad, now most of the talk is about these high-tech products. Companies want to produce them and it's not just IKEA, it's the automotive industry, new safe, expensive systems are becoming popular and it's very nice to see, this is something that was not here a few years ago. I would like to wish everyone good luck, once again I urge you to take part in this event, it was very nice to see new people, young people who want to learn. There was a meeting with the special economic zone Alabuga, people's eyes are burning, they want to work, it's very nice. This is the 20+generation. When newcomers, a new generation, come to chemistry, it means that the industry will develop. This is important to us. Many thanks to all the organizers and participants, I wish you good luck and, above all, good health".


arr or  Arthur Shamkov
Representative in Russia & CIS countries, TRIGON Chemie GmbH, Germany
(2019 year exhibitor)

Polyurethanex is main trade show of PU Systems in CIS. It’s a great opportunity for business meetings either with regular customers or with challenging companies on a market. Every year the show witnesses all the more experts that confirms the significance of the show. We are pleased with the results and would like to thank the organizer for assistance and expertise!

  Ihor Podstrel
Sales in CIS & Bulgaria, Technical specialist, Icynene Inc., Brussels, Belgium
(2019 year exhibitor)

ICYNENE Inc. Exhibited at Polyurethanex for the first time, it’s telling event for us and we are certain now there is an interest of Russian polyurethane foam market in premium class products of our company. There was s strong interest in a spray open sell polyurethane foam system on water basis. We also were glad to meet our partners from different countries such as Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and to get acquainted with new partners who became a part of close-knit family of ICYNENE. We also would like to thank the organizer for the high level of show and expertise.

  Sergey Sachkov
Deputy Development Director, ASD-tehnika, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
(2019 year exhibitor)

Polyurethanex is a specialized event which where we traditionally exhibited in every year. At the show there were key players of the market: among them either local of foreign major components manufactures,     research institutions, Russian industrial clusters, equipment manufacturers that, by no means, impacted positively on results of meeting anв negotiations. We would like to wish the show to grow further and keep its high standard.

arr or  Sergey Anikin,
Director General, Dow Izolan LLC, Moscow, RFр
(2018 year exhibitor)

It becomes a good tradition for Dow Izolan to exhibit at the Polyurethanex exhibition. If very important for us - as we are a leader of polyurethane systems in Russia - that there exists such a platform where we could present our new solutions, meet our old partners and become acquainted with new ones, become involved in new partnership relations. Every time leaving the Polyurethanex we carry away new ideas, new experience and some new friends with us. I’d like to mention that becoming a good tradition as well, the high organization level of the Polyurethanex event and in return I’d like to express deep gratitude to organizers and wish the Polyurethanex 2019 would run to a high standard as we have it today. Thanks again and have a nice day!

  Alexandr Koval,
Director General of RT-Polyplast Trading House,
Rostov-on-Don City, RF
(2018 year exhibitor)

RT-Polyplast Trading House is exclusive representative of the plant called RT-Epaflex that produces thermoplastic polyurethane in Russia. This is the unique plan in Russia. We exhibited at Polyurethanex event for the first time and it’s very useful for us. We met new customers and the visitors we’d managed to communicate were direct consumers of our products. We conducted a number of promising negotiations regarding either technical cooperation or economic one. We’ll definitely exhibit at the next year edition of the Polyurethanex exhibition. We’d like to thank the organizer for the location and for the smart positioning of the stands in the hall, we communicated with our neighbors and even exchanged clients although we’re competitors.

  Elena Krupskaya
Sales manager, Cannon, Moscow
(2018 year exhibitor)

We have been observing the Polyurethanex trade show for several years and for the first time we only exhibited in 2013. We witnessed the event’s gradual development. A special thanks are due to Mir-Expo Exhibition Company for the idea of making such a specialized event and for the development approach to such an important project for companies who work with polyurethane foams and composites. Every year we meet more new companies, moreover visitor’s geography is global the fact we are happy about so much. Cannon presented the new inventions and technologies in polyurethane foam recycling.  Polyurethanex is perfect event for us to bring everyone up to speed on our innovations and confirm our leading status in polyurethane foam market.

  Krasnova Olga, Director of Vladipur NVP LLC, Vladimir City, Russia

 «Vladipur NVP LLC has exhibited at Polyurethanex event for the fifth time. Three days of the show passed for us in hectic and busy atmosphere caused by great attention and interest on behalf of visitors to our products. We were pleased to meet both our good old partners and new target customers at the platform of Polyurethanex. The show attracts a wide range of companies of different industries that witnesses a higher level development of polyurethane market in our country. Also I’d like to mention that the number of exhibitors and visitors grows gradually year by year. The organizer once again showed its professional expertise in such scale event making. We are planning to exhibit at the next edition»

  Faikov Yuri, Managing Director, SAIP Surl, Italy

«We estimate the Polyurethanex 2017 as fruitful exhibition, we welcomed over 75 companies from different industries at our stand. Specialists showed their interest in equipment for sandwich panels, furniture casting and construction decoration. Also visitors were interested in production lines installation and auxiliary equipment. See you next year!»

Irena Vitkauskiene, Product Development Manager, NEO GROUP UAB, Lithuania

«NEO GROUP was an exhibitor at the Polyuerthanex Trade Show for the first time. Despite of the size of the event we met target specialists at our stand. We presented a range of our products such as complex polyether PA based polyols and semi-systems for continues and discontinuous metal or flex faced PIR panels. We discussed many useful and interesting matters as to our old clients and with newly met ones. We also met with raw materials and equipment producers hence we had widely useful event at our disposal»


Аlexandra Mityushkina, PR & Advertising Manager, Elastokam

«It was a first experience ever for ElastoKAM being exhibitor at the Polyurethanex 2016.
The outstanding interest for specialists was stirred by elastomer materials used in construction:  solutions for pavements, open sidewalk areas and roadway covering; single-component bonding for rubber crumb being successfully used for children and sport playgrounds facilities. Many visitors were interested in polyurethane material for decorative components: fretwork, furniture elements and wood imitation. We’re satisfied with results of the show. The exhibition was high-level organized. Our stand attracted a number of specialists. We met our old customers and got acquainted with potentially new ones. We’ll surely exhibit at the next edition»


Oleg Konev, Sales Director, Henneke Polyurethane Technologies LLC

«The Polyurethanex 2016 event has made us happy with its development once again. The organizer managed to attract new exhibitors and despite of hard times, the event was visited by specialists of many CIS-countries. Within 3 days of the show the visitors discussed with directly the project executives from Germany the matters regarding either high pressure molding machines for different foams and  low pressure dosing machines for elastomers or  more complex solutions for continuous and periodic production of block polyurethane foam and many other things. We would like to show our appreciation to all guests of the show who visited our stand! We wish to organizer not to lose momentum in promoting and developing the exhibition. We’d be glad to exhibit at Polyurethanex 2017»

Sergey Anikin, General Manager of Dow Izolan

«Polyurethanex is one of the key events for polyurethane stakeholders’ market in Russia. At the stand we represented the whole spectrum of our products and solutions focusing on the latest developments for the utilities, oil&gas, refrigeration equipment automotive and other industries. A lot of customers and guests visited our booth during the three days of the tradeshow what made a good impact on our company. I would like to thank the organizers of Polyurethanex-2016 for the high-quality and efficient work who made the tradeshow a real success»

Maria Tcvetova, Vertrieb (Sales Department), PURPLAN GmbH

«Our company is widely represented at the international market; Russia is a relatively new direction for our projects. „Polyurethanex – 2015 “ is our first exhibition in Russia and we would like to note that this first step at the Russian market was very useful for our development in Russia in terms of the first orientation and new contacts to the Russian companies. What surprised us was the great variety of the participants – from our colleagues, with whom we have a great experience of cooperation, to the Russian companies, that were really interesting to make acquaintance with and to discuss the plans of possible co-working. We also would like to mention a very well-organized event-management and a qualified support from the very first point of preparation to the exposition. Now we have several inquiries from the clients that visited us at the exhibition and we hope for the development of those contacts to Russia.»

Sergey Anikin, Business Development Director, Dow Izolan LLC

«This year Dow Izolan Company has exhibited at Polyurethanex 2015 for the first time. In our opinion, the exhibition is one of the key platforms for communication between polyurethane market players – at our booth we had a fruitful and structural negotiations with our colleagues that will probably result in beginning of new mutually profitable business relations. It was important for us to present all range of company products, in the first place, new developments being used in such industrial sectors as public utilities, oil & gas production, car industry, refrigerating equipment manufacturing and others. I’d like to heartily thank the organizers of the event who made many efforts to widely present the professional environment. This fact filled the exhibition a full-fledged business life that distinguishes all truly valued such-like events»

Irina Voronina, Biesterfeld Rus LLC

«This year Dow Izolan Company has exhibited at Polyurethanex 2015 for the first time. In our opinion, the exhibition is one of the key platforms for communication between polyurethane market players – at our booth we had a fruitful and structural negotiations with our colleagues that will probably result in beginning of new mutually profitable business relations. It was important for us to present all range of company products, in the first place, new developments being used in such industrial sectors as public utilities, oil & gas production, car industry, refrigerating equipment manufacturing and others. I’d like to heartily thank the organizers of the event who made many efforts to widely present the professional environment. This fact filled the exhibition a full-fledged business life that distinguishes all truly valued such-like events»

Svetlana Vladimirova, General Manager, Global Therm LLC

«The number of exhibitors and visitors of Polyurethanex have been increasing year by year. This witnesses a development and growth of polyurethane market in Russia and CIS countries.  Our company exhibited at the event for the first time and we're pleasantly surprised with number of visitors. During three days of the event the work was humming at our booth. We're visited by specialists from all over Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Republic of Belarus. We're glad to mention the spray polyurethane technology for civil and industrial construction becomes more popular and draws more interest of specialists in our country. We'd like to accord a special thank to organizers of the event for the executed work for advertising support of the event and for the business-friendly atmosphere created. We're planning to become a constant exhibitor of Polyurethanex exhibition!»

Ekaterina Davydova, Novye Stroitelnye Tehnologii LLC

«Novye Stroitelnye Tehnologii LLC exhibited at Polyurethanex exhibition for the first time. We'd like to mention higher level of organization of the event and express thank to organizers for the work done. Polyurethanex is a unique playground for professional connections establishing as with local companies so with foreign ones. The communication at the booth was really interesting thanks to a great number of industrial specialists among the visitors. We wish you further development and prosperity!»

Albena Vassilieva, Senior Communications Manager BMS & BTS, Bayer ZAO

«The event had a success this year. One could see a considerable number of exhibitors and visitors. All three days we had active work at our booth. This witnesses the maturity of the polyurethanes market in Russia»

Ms. Dorottya Szalay, Marketing Communications Manager, BorsodChem Zrt

«Despite the widespread recession in Europe, Wanhua-BorsodChem is focusing in Central Eastern Europe on the growing markets like Russia and other CIS countries. Therefore, the 5th Polyurethanex was an excellent venue for meeting other stakeholders and experts from the regional polyurethane industry. That was the 2nd time we attended the exhibition where we again met complete success also according to the feedback of our customers. We believe that Mir-Expo made a great job of creating an atmosphere that brought in so many companies. Being one of the largest PU raw material supplier in the world, we were happy to see all the customers and players from the region in one well organized event. We consider this exhibition as a sustainable successful event and we intend to be back in the future!»

Pavel Amel'chenko, Market Development Manager, Russia&CIS, Huntsman

«Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals. Its operating companies manufacture products for a variety of global industries, including chemicals, plastics, automotive, aviation, textiles, etc. Huntsman today has 10,000 employees and operates from multiple locations worldwide and revenues approximately $10 billion.

EXPO show "Polyurethanex" 2012 is successfully incorporates several areas, which until 2009 had not been well represented at the exposition market in our country. Composite, polyurethane materials and performance additive market segments combined a wide range of companies and enterprises with a variety of profiles. "Polyurethanex" is young, but rapidly growing exhibition with stable range of partners and visitors. "Polyurethanex" has great potential for further growth, to attract a larger number of producers and the scientific and technical centers. HUNTSMAN is wishing you success on this way.»

Ing. Massimo Ceoldo, PU MIX Technologies srl

«I've received several genuine visitors bringing serious enquiries. I have finalized two PU machines during the fair. The result is positive and my impression is that Polyurethane industry is dynamic in Russia, even though the scenario of technology level for PU processing in local  factories is not homogeneous and many companies are planning to automatize their PU workshop more and more, that means potential business for PU machines and plants manufacturers like PU MIX Technolgies.»

Konstantin Rzayev, Managing Director, ChemPartners

«I'd like gladly mark that every year the volume and number of exhibitors of the event has been permanently increasing. For the first two days of the exhibition there were much more visitors on our booth than at the editions 2-3 years ago. It is obvious that polyurethane industry is developing and it's important that there is such a meeting place for all the participants where you can exchange skills between one another, know something new and meet future suppliers, buyers partners. We wish the event further development and prosperity!»

Abolin Sergey, Business Director of S.P.B. NPF LLC

«4th edition of Polyurethanex was a success for organizers, by no means. Our company took part in this show for the first time as an exhibitor and in spite of size of the event; we met a considerable quantity of professionals who visited the show. It is also defined by the good program of the Seminar being held within the Polyurethanex 2012. However, the event has been growing in number and quality of exhibitors and visitors every year, and we are especially happy about it against the background of recently ineffectual large-scale industrial trade shows. Especially I'd like to mention a clear and simple move-in & move-out procedures of product samples.»


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In 2025 Exhibition will pass from March 25 - 27 in Pavilions 1 and 5 of Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.


Participation in the business program

The business program at the Polyurethanex 2025 exhibition is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to an audience of specialists, find new partners and learn about new trends in the market for equipment for the production of polyurethanes and end products.

The business program includes the 3rd Scientific and Practical Conference “Technologies for the Production and Use of Polyurethane Materials” and presentations by industry companies.


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