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Polyurethanex 2021
12th International Specialized Exhibition

arr or  Dates: March 30 - April 1, 2021

arr or  Venue: Pavilion 1, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

arr or  Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

12th Polyurethanex 2021 video report


Polyurethanex 2021 photo report:

Polyurethanex 2021 report on activity:

The 12th edition of Polyurethanex was held on March 30 – April 1, 2021 at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia. The event is a traditional annual business meeting place of Russian and foreign industry experts, manufacturers, suppliers & consumers of polyurethane, technologies & equipment for polyurethane-based finished products, it’s a wrap-up meeting place and source of new information the further development would be difficult without.

Due to the impossibility of holding the exhibition in 2020, its postponement to 2021 because of the pandemic and compliance with restrictive measures, the participating companies were happy to take advantage of the opportunity to personally communicate with potential customers and presented a number of new developments and equipment samples to numerous visitors of the exhibition.

Audit certificate of statistical indicators of the Composite-Expo 2021 and Polyurethanex 2021 ExhibitionsDuring the exhibition, the specialists held many negotiations with potential customers, established new business contacts and discussed new projects with representatives of various industries. It is worth noting that the specialized exhibitions become more effective every year.

Polyurethane (PUR) is characterized by its longevity, versatility and dimensional stability. Due to its positive characteristics, these plastics are suitable for various application areas: from construction to foams for furniture and bedding, in transportation as well as in the production of paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants.

In 2021 55 exhibitors took part in the events from 15 countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, China, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the Republic of Belarus, Russia, the United States, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Finland, France and Japan).

Certificate of awarding Composite-Expo 2021 and Polyurethanex 2021 Exhibitions with the mark of the Global Organization of the Exhibition Industry UFI following the results of an independent auditAmong the exhibitors were the following companies: ASD-technika, Huntsman, DOW IZOLAN, BASF, Cannon Eurasia, Tentonn, Alcor, Elastokam, Hennecke GmbH, Vladipur NVP, Momentive Performance Materials Rus LLC, S.P.B. NPF LLC, Walter Chemie LLC, Polimer-Komplex, NORCHEM Polyethers, and others.

The following companies exhibited at the event for the first time: CAN PLAST, SUZHOU SD NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD, New Construction Technologies, Rus-Alians, SINTEXO, Technology-Plast, Shanghai Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., LTD. and others.


A number of participants presented new technologies and product samples:

BASF presented an extensive range of tailored systems and basic products for manufacturing cellular PU foam materials and compact polyurethanes. Also, the products are the core starting materials in numerous industries: Polyamides are used in the production of technical plastics in the automotive and electronics industries for example, or in the manufacture of food packaging, carpets and functional clothing, while glues and impregnating resins are used in the fabrication of wood-based materials for the wood-processing industry.


Can Plast Company produces color pastes used in the production of ALL polyurethane systems such as; Elastomer PU, Integral PU, PU Foam, PU Coating, PVC emission systems, Polyurea, epoxy and polyester systems. The pigment pastes are manufactured in accordance with the ISO9001 / 2008 quality assurance system and comply with European Union regulations and are free of phthalates and heavy metals. In addition, the company produces a release agent for various PU systems. The development of a pigment paste for water-based polyurethane coatings is in its final stage and will soon be available to the customers.


New Building Technologies LLC deals with of high- and low-pressure equipment for applying polyurethane foam; filling machines for the production of rigid and elastic PU foam; tools for polyurethane, elastomers, two-component compounds and other unfilled cold-cured polymers; complexes for the manufacture of fiberglass and glass fiber reinforced concrete.


Sintexo Company produces high-quality polyurethane elastomer items of various hardness (65 - 95 Shore units) by casting on modern European equipment. Syntexo develops and manufactures items of any complexity according to customer's request, such as technical plates for special equipment, spacers, bump stops, dampers to protect the elements of mobile structures from damage, delimiters, backing for the careful transportation of items, etc. Syntexo Company presented at Polyurethanex 2021 the lining of pipes and conveyor rollers by hot polyurethane casting method. The company also performs complete replacement and restoration of polyurethane coating of used industrial wheels and castors.


V.A. Kargin Polymer Research Institute - the leading R@D institute in Russia. It develops the processes technology of polymerization of (meth)acrylates, vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, processing of poly(meth)acrylates, polyvinyl chloride, polyolefins and other polymers; it produces the compositions based on different polymers. The pilot production plant of the institute produces over 1500 grades of low-tonnage chemical products: organic synthesis products, polymer adhesives, sealants of grades "Anatherm"®, "Unigerm"®, PVC-materials and others. V.A.Kargin Polymer Research Institute is the sole developer in Russia of organic glass technology production used in aircraft industry, and it has recently been a leader in the manufacture of aircraft glass. The technology of production of foamed polyimide material grade "Acrymide"® has been developed at the Institute.


Cannon Group is a leader in manufacturing equipment for PPU processing. Company offers a wide range of equipment: low pressure and high pressure dosing units; complete lines for automotive (headrests, steering wheels, car seats, dashboards, sound insulation, cavity filling etc.)  and refrigeration (commercial and domestic) industries; machines and lines for doors and decor elements (incl. furniture decor) production; plants for insulated sandwich-panels production (buildings, cold rooms, refrigerator trucks); pipe insulation; equipment and lines for parts production of composite materials; carousels, moulds and mouldcarriers, fixtures and plugs, presses; single units and continuous lines for slabstock production.

Tekhmash LLC develops and manufactures dosing machines under SEDNA brand, as well as polyurethane foam production equipment. The company uses its many years of experience in servicing and operating imported and locally sourced equipment on various production lines to manufacture state-of-the-art dosing machines with a nameplate capacity of 10–500 liters per minute. Tekhmash also manufactures versatile mixing heads—both straight and L-shaped—that can be mounted on dosing machines from any manufacturer. Designing equipment to suit specific customer needs, in-house manufacturing of mixing heads, and prompt after-sales service makes SEDNA machines a competitive alternative to their European counterparts. Tekhmash LLC is constantly expanding its range of dosing machines under the SEDNA brand. The company was the first on the Russian market to master the manufacturing process of machines, capable of producing dual-density polyurethanes. Such products are widely used in the automotive industry, and were previously always produced using imported equipment. Additionally, the company developed a high-pressure mixing head for four components with the needs of the automotive industry in mind. Tekhmash is also the only company in Russia to manufacture high-pressure piston dosing machines that are capable of producing rigid polyurethane foams.



At the same time with Polyurethanex, there held the International specialized exhibition Composite-Expo (13th edition) allowed a wide range of specialists to get acquainted with innovation technologies of manufacturing and samples of finished products of composite materials for different branches of industry. 100 exhibitors took part at the event from 15 countries (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, China, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the Republic of Belarus, Russia, the United States, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Finland, France and Japan).

In the show among the permanent exhibitors were the following companies: Autoplast, ALVIS NTO, Kurchatov Institute, National Research Center, Prometey FSUE CRISM, UTS group, Airtech Europe Sarl, Bang & Bonsomer, BMP Technology, Carbon Studio, DUGALAK, Eurohim-1, Glasstex, Larchfield Ltd, Melytec LLC, MegaPlast, P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Fiberglass LLC, Elektroizolit PJSC, KORSIL-Trade, INTREY Polymer Systems LLC, Lavesan, Leuco Rus, Limited Liability CS Composites, Neva Technology, Nouryon, Polymerprom LLC, P-D Tatneft-Alabuga Steklovolokno, Sealing Materials Plant, Lavesan Srl, SKM Polymer LLC, Toray International Europe GmbH, and others.

In 2021, on the space about 5000 sq. m. there situated 136 exhibitors, including 101 national (domestic) companies and 35 foreign ones from 15 countries. About 5400 people visited the shows and 90% of them were specialists in different fields of industry. It witnesses growing demands of the Russian market to use modern innovation materials and technologies in different industries.

According to the results of an independent international audit, the Global Organization of the Exhibition Industry UFI has confirmed that the Composite-Expo 2021 and Polyurethanex 2021 exhibitions have been awarded the UFI mark.

Feedback from exhibitors at the 2021 exhibition:


arr or  Yulia Bogdanova,
Manager, DIAFOR LLC, Russia

"Polyurethanex 2021 has shown that the industry in Russia is working, increasing the pace of production, the introduction of new products and technologies is interesting, there is an active interest in the supplying of specialized product"


arr or  Lavrut Anastasia,
Specialist of LLC Elastokam

"Despite the external difficulties, the organization was at a high level, the number of exhibitors and visitors was above expectations".


arr or  Konstantin Akimov,
Head of Polyurethane Department, Ruskhimset CJSC, Russia

"According to the results of the exhibition, we can definitely say that it was a success. We expanded the list of clients; preliminary deals, production volumes, as well as prices were agreed at the exhibition, and of course the introduction of new positions. We have held a number of meetings with long-term prospects; this is a big step towards the development and expansion of the customer database. The visitors pleased me the most, people really could receive the solutions that they came to the exhibition for. We are ready to safely put an EXCELLENT rating! The organizational part of the exhibition was also on top".



arr or  Pavel Amelchenko,
Head of Functional Additives Dep., Huntsman-NMG JSC, Russia, Moscow

“I would like to thank you for such a wonderful exhibition – traditionally Polyurethanex and Composite-Expo are together, well done! Great job! First of all, I would like to mention good security provided by the organizers of the exhibition, the location-Krasnaya Presnya, thank you very much, in the center of the city – is very convenient. Safety, check-ups, masks, distance reminders are really important this year. Thank you for deciding on such a massive event, useful for business and it is important to make it the safest for people. I would also like to thank you for organizing an "easy entrance" to the exhibition, you do not need to fill out a lot of questionnaires, you do not need to hand over business cards, you came, showed a ticket with a barcode and immediately entered. The distance between the metro and the entrance to the exhibition took me about 5 minutes – this is a great walk without complicated procedures, of course, personal inspection, but everything is very fast and well organized. It is important. Specifically about the event: the event turned out to be a lamp event, that is, big players are presented here such as Huntsman, BASF, DOW – all major manufacturers are here. Companies engaged in polyurethane composite materials -Tatneft-Presskomposite, Epital - are also here. A huge number of guests, and even guests from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, also visited the exhibition. It's very nice. We met partners we hadn't seen more than two years for a number of reasons. Nobody, in general, forgot about the event, it is necessary to pay tribute to them, this is important. What I would like to note is what is happening in the market: there is not enough raw materials for a number of reasons, there is an imbalance of supply and demand, raw materials are not enough all over the world-from Houston to Shanghai, including Russia and Europe, but the players continue to build new enterprises: in St. Petersburg, another system house will open production line for 15 thousand tons of polyurethane systems per year -welcome to Russia! If I'm not mistaken, this will be a Korean system house. In Russia, the production of wind turbine blades for wind power has been launched. Approximately 440 blades per year will be produced in Ulyanovsk, and the company will also open in Volgodonsk. They are not here yet, but they must be here, because this is something that has never happened in Russia. It never happened, it didn't happen 15 years ago, 5 years ago, but it is here now. We will be happy to see such new players, because Huntsman holds an important position in the world for wind power blades. What else I would like to note is what is happening in the polyurethane market: if 5-7 years ago low-emission products for polyurethane for safer mattresses, safer seats sounded like nonsense as something expensive coming to us from abroad, now most of the talk is about these high-tech products. Companies want to produce them and it's not just IKEA, it's the automotive industry, new safe, expensive systems are becoming popular and it's very nice to see, this is something that was not here a few years ago. I would like to wish everyone good luck, once again I urge you to take part in this event, it was very nice to see new people, young people who want to learn. There was a meeting with the special economic zone Alabuga, people's eyes are burning, they want to work, it's very nice. This is the 20+generation. When newcomers, a new generation, come to chemistry, it means that the industry will develop. This is important to us. Many thanks to all the organizers and participants, I wish you good luck and, above all, good health".


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The Polyurethanex 2022 will be held March 29 - 31, 2022 in Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 1, Moscow, Russia traditionally at the same place & time with Composite-Expo 2022.



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