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Polyurethanex - 2016
8th International Specialized Exhibition

arr or  Dates: February 17 - 19, 2016

arr or  Venue: Pavilion 1, Halls 1 and 2, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

arr or  Organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

Polyurethanex - 2016 post-release:

On February 17 - 19, 2016 the 8th edition of POLYURETHANEX - a leading international specialized event of polyurethane industry in Russia, where a full range of manufactures of raw materials, equipment and finished products of polyurethanes is widely introduced was held at IEC Crocus Expo.

Despites the current economic situation and currency exchange rate fluctuations, the Russian market for composite materials and equipment is actively developing and extending. At the moment there is a task in front of the domestic manufacturers to improve their competitive position for potential import substitution. The high currency exchange rate only induces the companies to achieve this goal: there is an active search for new alternative materials, new niches and development of new materials..

POLYURETHANEX is a leading international specialized event of polyurethane industry in Russia, where full range of manufactures of raw materials, equipment and finished products of polyurethane is widely introduced. In 2016 the display area increased by more than 30% and the exhibition attracted by 7% more visitors in comparison with the last year edition: about 6000 specialists.

Within the exhibition the special section ADHESIVES and SEALANTS was introduced. It attracted significant attention of specialists of the industry: manufacturers and consumers of adhesive and sealing materials.

In 2016 59 exhibitors from 15 countries (Austria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Italy, People's Republic of China, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belarus Republic, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Russia, Republic of Moldova, Poland & USA) took part in the show..

Among the exhibitors there were the following companies: Bayer, Huntsman, Dow Izolan, Cannon Eurasia, Wanhua BosodChem, Chemtura, R.M.P.A. Srl, Biesterfeld Rus, Chem-Trend GmbH, Air Products, Unikom Service NPP, Hennecke GmbH, Vladipur NVP, Momentive Performance Materials Rus LLC, H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH, S.P.B. NPF LLC, PPU XXI VEK LLC, Walter Chemie LLC, Stepan Polska, Global Term LLC, IMPIANTI OMS SPA, Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A. and others.

The following companies exhibited at the event for the first time: Elastokam LLC, NEO GROUP UAB, NANOPOLYMER LLC, POLYCHEM SYSTEMS, SD Корея, SPF DEPOT, Firnis-Com, Ravago Chemicals Rus, and others.

At Polyurethanex 2016 the following brand new materials and products were presented:

NEO GROUP presented for the first time presented at the Russian market the polyols chemically modified to improve the flammability performance, mechanical strength and processing of rigid foams and PA based polyols and semi-systems for continues and discontinuous metal or flex faced PIR panels.

DUT being one of the leading companies as manufacturer & specialist in the field of High Pressure PU Solutions including Injection Machine, Mixing Head, Metering Pump and all kinds of PU Applications in Korea, presented a new product: “Mixing Head of Double Tilted Injection” which shows superior mixing quality, splash-free pouring & laminar flow. It is the reason why we are on the top position on the field of Mixing Head. The DTRC Mix Heads are engineered to provide more chemical stream collisions (Impingement) inside the mix head’s mixing chamber via double tilted nozzle angle.

OilGasChemCo Ltd. and Sealan JSC produce silicone adhesive sealants for household, general purpose industrial grade and special use. At the event the companies presented the new types of silicone adhesive sealants for building, aviation, electronics and other branches of industry.

On February 18, 2016 the presentations and seminars of the exhibitors took place within the business program of the event at Conference-hall 2, Hall 1, Pavilion 1. They are as follows: BYK Additives & Instruments and BYK-Gardner GmbH (Seminar title: Additives for cold and hot curing on the basis of polyether, epoxy and polyurethane resins, polymer materials’ appearance control, Additives for polymer flooring, Additives for pultrusion); Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH (Speech title: Industrial non vacuum coatings for thin and thick layers for production of prepregs); WACKER CHEMIE RUS LLC (Speech title: Adhesives and Sealants on the basis of hybrid materials).

At the same time with Polyurethanex the 9th edition of the International Specialized Exhibition COMPOSITE-EXPO was carried out. It allowed a wide range of specialists to get acquainted with innovation technologies of manufacturing and samples of finished products of composite materials for different branches of industry.

123 exhibitors from 19 countries (Austria, Belgium, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Netherlands, the People’s Republic of China, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom) took part in the show.

On February 17, 2016 the 9th Practical-Research Conference “Current State and Prospects of Development of Production and Use of Composite Materials in Russia”, organized by the Union of Composites Manufacturers and the Exhibition Company “Mir-Expo” took place within the business program of Composite-Expo at the Conference-hall 2, Hall 1, Pavilion 1. The Conference attracted over 500 specialists. Such considerable number was achieved not alone by the web-broadcasting of the event (as reference – about 250 visitors in the hall and 350 ones – on-line) but by the hard-driving program as well.

In 2016, the Independent audit check of statistic figures was carried out for the third time for the Composite-Expo and Polyurethanex exhibitions. According to the experts’ conclusion, at the space over 6000 sq. m. there were 182 exhibitors, including 109 national (domestic) companies and 73 foreign ones from 19 countries. Over 15400 people visited the shows, 93% of them were specialists from different fields of industry. This makes evident the growing demands of the Russian market to use modern innovation materials and technologies in different industries.

The management of the show got many positive reviews on the event:

Irena Vitkauskiene, Product Development Manager, NEO GROUP UAB, Lithuania

dow «NEO GROUP was an exhibitor at the Polyuerthanex Trade Show for the first time. Despites the size of the event we met target specialists at our stand. We presented a wide range of our products such as a complex polyether PA based polyols and semi-systems for continues and discontinuous metal or flex faced PIR panels. We discussed many useful and interesting matters with our old clients and with newly met ones. We also met the raw materials’ and equipment producers hence we had widely useful event at our disposal»


Аlexandra Mityushkina, PR & Advertising Manager, Elastokam

dow«It was a first experience for ElastoKAM being an exhibitor at Polyurethanex 2016.
The outstanding interest of specialists was stirred by elastomer materials used in construction:  solutions for pavements, open sidewalk areas and roadway covering; single-component bonding for rubber crumb being successfully used for children and sport playgrounds facilities. Many visitors were interested in polyurethane material for decorative components: fretwork, furniture elements and wood imitation. We’re satisfied with results of the show. The exhibition was organized at a high-level. Our stand attracted a number of specialists. We met our old customers and got acquainted with potentially new ones. We’ll surely exhibit at the next edition»


Oleg Konev, Sales Director, Henneke Polyurethane Technologies LLC

dow«The Polyurethanex 2016 event has made us happy with its development once again. The organizer managed to attract new exhibitors and despites the hard times, the event was visited by specialists from many CIS-countries. Within 3 days of the show the visitors discussed directly with the project executives from Germany the matters regarding either high pressure molding machines for different foams and  low pressure dosing machines for elastomers or  more complex solutions for continuous and periodic production of block polyurethane foam and many other things. We would like to express our appreciation to all the guests of the show who visited our stand! We wish the organizer not to lose momentum in promoting and developing the exhibition. We’d be glad to exhibit at Polyurethanex 2017»

Sergey Anikin, General Manager of Dow Izolan

dow«Polyurethanex is one of the key events for polyurethane stakeholders’ market in Russia. At the stand we represented the whole spectrum of our products and solutions focusing on the latest developments for the utilities, oil & gas, refrigeration equipment automotive and other industries. A lot of customers and guests visited our booth during the three days of the tradeshow which made a good impact on our company. I would like to thank the organizers of Polyurethanex-2016 who made the tradeshow a real success for the high-quality and efficient work»

The next 9th edition of Polyurethanex will take place on February 28 – March 2, 2017 at Pavilion 1, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow.


Polyurethanex - 2016 Exhibitors Interview:



Attention! You can find the video-interviews of the exhibitors of Composite-Expo 2016 in the Exhibitor List below. The exhibitors who has an interview are marked with Exhibitor has a video interview.

Or you can see all the interviews 2016 in the VideoGallery.

Polyurethanex 2016 Exhibitor List:

  • Air Products Chemicals Europe, Germany
    (polyurethane additives, offering the broadest range of catalysts and surfactants for all types of flexible, rigid, and microcellular foams)
  • Alcor TF JSC, OOO, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • ASD-Tehnika, Minsk, Belarus
    (complete line of machines for production of goods from polymer material)
  • Biesterfeld Rus, Moscow, Russia
    (wide range of Polyurethane Additives for the production of Flexible Slabstock Foam, Microcellular/ Integral Skin, Flexible & Semi Flexible Molded Foam, Spray)
  • CANNON EURASIA LTD., Moscow, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (equipment for PPU processing, lines for slabstock production, pipe insulation, equipment for parts production of composite materials)
  • Chem-Trend, Moscow, Russia
    (high-end mould release agents, purging compounds and inside and outside tyre paints)
  • Covestro LLC, Moscow, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (manufacture of high-tech polymer materials)
  • DEFOM IMPORT, Zelenograd, Russia
    (additives for polyol formulation, catalysts, silicone surfactants, PU process manufacturing, release agents)
  • D-Former, LLC, Zheleznodorozhny, Russia
    (development of technologies for forming and contact the manufacture of products from plastics)
  • Dow Izolan LLC, Vladimir, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (PU systems, components for PU)
  • DOW EUROPE GMBH, Moscow, Russia
    (wide range of special chemical products and plastics)
  • DUT KOREA, South Korea
    (High Pressure PU Solutions including Injection Machine, Mixing Head, Metering Pump and all kinds of PU Applications in Korea)
  • Eigenmann & Veronelli - Russo, OOO, Moscow, Russia
    (raw materials for polyurethane industry, polyesters, polyethers, flame retardants TCPP, TEP, isocyanates MDI, TDI, amine catalysts TEDA L33, DMCHA, BDMA, PMDETA, release agents)
  • Elastokam, Nishnekamsk, Russia
    (polyurethane systems for a wide range of applications, polyol components)
  • Elastoplast Production, Ltd., Perm, Russia
  • Elast-PU, Vladimir, Russia
    (producing polyurethane elastomers, coatings and raw material, equipment for their casting and processing)
  • Firnis-Com, SRL, Moldova
    (devices for applyung polyurea and polyurethane foam)
  • Global Therm Ltd., Moscow, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (equipment for spray thermal insulation (PU-foam), waterproofing and steel protection coating spray applications (polyurea, PU-elastomers, epoxies))
  • H & S Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany
    (tanks for storing polyol, isocyanate and pentane, reactors and complete know-how for chemical coversion of the PU residues into polyol)
  • Hennecke GmbH & Co.KG, GermanyExhibitor has a video interview
    (high-pressure metering machines, mixheads, elastomer, moulded foam, CSM, refrigerator, sandwich panel, slabstock and recycling lines, mould carriers, tank farms)
  • Huntsman (Netherlands) B V Representative Office in Moscow, Russia
    (differentiated chemicals)
    (low and high pressure foaming machines, domestic and commercial refrigerators plants, discontinuous and continuous panel plants, elastomers and gaskets plants, slabstock and batch plants)
  • Interchim LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (polymeric materials, various additives for the manufacture of all types of polyurethane, raw material for thermal insulation, polyurethane foam, sandwich panels, materials for the manufacture of pressure pipes)
  • INTERSKOL, Khimki, Russia
    (power tools producer)
  • Jiahua Chemicals Inc., China
    (polyether polyols for polyurethanes, ethanolamines and triisopropanolamine for cements, surfactants for a variety of industrial applications)
  • Jinan Saijun CNC Technology Co., Ltd., China
    (production and sales of mechanical and electrical products machine, PU machine, PU spray machine, digital control high pressed froth machine, increasing pressed facilities by air and liquid)
  • Kauchuk i Rezina, Edition, JSC, Moscow, Russia
    (all about rubber)
  • Kimteks Kimya Tekstil Urunleri TIC. A.S, Istanbul, Turkey
    (polyurethane systems, polyester poliol, isocyanate prepolymer, formulated poliol)
  • LKM-press, Publishing House Ltd, Moscow, Russia
  • Momentive Performance Materials Rus, LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (specialty chemicals and materials)
  • NANOPOLYMER, OOO, Moscow, Russia
    (production spheres are carbon nanoparticles and modified polymers, polyurethane, foam polyurethane, elastomers, polyurethane products, foam polyurethane products, composite materials, polyamide-6 products)
  • NEO GROUP UAB, LithuaniaExhibitor has a video interview
    (PET, APP, PIR foam, PU foam, Neopolyol trademark)
  • New Construction Technologies Ltd, Moscow, Russia
    (low-pressure machines for manufacture polyurethane foam)
  • OilGasChemCo Ltd., Moscow, Russia
    (chemical products, silicone adhesive sealants)
  • PERM GUNPOWDER MILL, Federal State Enterprise, Perm, Russia
    (polyurethane elastoplastic and coating systems, polyurethane products, hard-foam polyurethane systems)
  • Polimer-Komplex, Production cooperative, Moscow, Russia
    (filling machine of a high pressure for polyurethane  processing, technological lines for production of the preisolated tube)
    (polyurethane products, 1- and 2-component adhesives for the production of sandwich panels of all types, sprayed systems to produce thermal insulation foam, systems for the production of flexible, microporous and integral-skin foams)
  • PPU XXI VEK, NPO, LLC, Moscow, Russia
    (dosers for high-pressure spraying polyurea and polyurethane foam, disposable kits for spraying foam)
    (manufacturer of polyurethane machinery, high and low pressure foaming units, molding plants like carousels, conveyors and turntables, formulation plants, reactors, polyurethane adhesive and glue automatic dispensing units for sandwich panels continuous lines)
  • Ravago Chemicals Rus CJSC, Moscow, Russia
    (supplier of high-quality materials for industrial, civil and road construction)
  • RMPA s.r.l. Unipersonale, Italy
    (polyurethane foaming equipment, spray systems for insulations and elastomers)
  • S.A.I.P. S.U.R.L., Italy
    (equipment for manufacturing of sandvich-panels, machines of high and low pressure equipment for indection elastomer)
  • SD Korea, South Korea
    (producer of PU, PVC, TPU, PET additives)
  • Shandong INOV Polyurethane Co., Ltd., China
  • Shanghai Zhongji Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China
    (sandwich panel lines for producing PU fire-proof board, door board, PU + Mineral wool sandwich panels, and high standard rock wool sandwich panels)
  • Shijiazhuang Hehui Chemicals Co., Ltd., China
    (PUcatalysts including amine catalysts, metal catalysts, tin catalysts, polyurethane products, flexible foam, rigid foam, elastomer)
  • S.P.B. Corporation, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (production of the spare parts from polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane compositions, polyurethane production)
  • SPF DEPOT, USAExhibitor has a video interview
  • Star International Saint Petersburg, Ltd., China
    (PU systems and raw material for PU industry)
  • Stepan Company, Moscow, Russia
    (OCF, adhesives, coatings, elastomers and systems for sandwich panels production)
  • SUREL, OOO, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (producer of high performance prepolymers solvents, lubricants, aftermarket parts)
  • TENTONN, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaExhibitor has a video interview
    (high-quality chemical raw materials for polyurethane industry)
  • Unikom-Service, research-and-production enterprise, Ltd, Pervouralsk, Russia
    (elastomers, polyurethane products, polyurethane-lined steel pipes)
  • VLADIPUR NVP LTD, Vladimir, Russia
    polyurethane systems, glues, coatings, sealants, shells for pipeline insulation
  • Walter Chemie Ltd, Staraya Kupavna, Moscow region, Russia
    isocyanates (TDI, MDI), polyols, fire-retarding agents, additives, catalysts, ready PU systems, prepolimers of different application
  • Wanhua-BorsodChem, Moscow, Russia
    (polyurethane raw materials and related products, polyether polyurethane rigid foam, aromatic polyamine, thermoplastic polyurethane products)
  • Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd., China
    (castic soda, 1.4-butanediol, ethylene glycol)
  • Zelu Neva Ltd., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
    (system for polyurethane foam, water-based dispersion adhesives, hotmelts or solvent-based glues)


UFI Standard Audit Certificate of Polyurethanex - 2016 Exhibition:

UFI Standard Audit Certificate of Polyurethanex - 2016 Exhibition


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