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Final Report on 13th Polyurethanex 2022 Exhibition

Exhibition Organiser:

Mir-Expo Exhibition Company

The same time the same place there will be specialized exhibition:

 14th Composite-Expo 2022 Exhibition

Website counter:


Jiahua Chemicals Inc., Moscow, China

12th International Exhibition Polyurethanex 2021 Exhibitor

March 30 - April 1, 2021 / Pavilion 1, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia


Exhibitor information:

Jiahua is a leading independent Chinese Specialty Chemicals producer, focuses on green chemistry and sustainability, develops innovative functional additives for a wide range of industrial applications including Toiletries, Detergents, cosmetics, person care and home care industries etc.

Jiahua has 6 manufacturing sites along the coast of China ensuring an efficient flow of operations and distribution.

The headquarters and R & D Centre are also based in Shanghai, following its strategy to provide customized solutions to our customers.

Jiahua Chemicals offers an outstanding range of Polyether Polyols for different applications, such as flexible foam for furniture, mattress and automobile industries, rigid foam for construction and appliance manufacturing industries. In additional to polyols for CASE applications and an extensive range of Polymeric Polyols.

Jiahua is following its strategy to provide customized solutions to our customers. This strategy includes the capability to provide specialty Polyols.


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